Fidget Spinners

Fidget Spinner


What is it all about?

Ever wondered what is that spinning toy trending all over the social media?

What is so cool about owning it? and what is so special that people can’t stop showing it off everywhere.


Fidget Spinner

Well, a fidget spinner is a toy used for stress relieving. Fidget spinner was invented in the 1990s but not until recently in 2017 it started gaining popularity.Catherine Hettinger, an engineer was responsible for the invention of fidget spinner. She even filed a patent application for “spinning toy” in 1993.

Why was it initially made?

Fidget Spinner

Well, initially the fidget toy was made for helping people who have trouble focusing or fidgeting. It was specially designed for people who suffered from Autism or Anxiety. It helps as a release mechanism for nervous energy or stress.

Popularity in Todays Time

Well with an ever increasing craze for the fidget spinner. It seems that there might rarely be any kid who does not own a fidget spinner. Due to its health benefiting point of view many schools have allowed students to carry it with them to the school. There are some schools on the other hand who don’t like the idea of the same and they end up banning them.

Fidget Spinner

Well what is right and what is wrong it all depends on how the individual uses it. Time will spin and it might tell you till when the fidget will keep spinning.

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