Five Immortal Comic Book Characters

Bullets, Electric shocks even nukes can’t take these guys out of the game. Some of these guys have super healing abilities some just don’t break that easily these metahumans are no way going to visit heaven or hell that easily you just gotta hire Barry Allen to break that time barrier and stop these guys from ever existing. Guess that’s one way to stop these guys. Welcome to and here’s a list of immortal comic book characters.


Immortal comic book characters

Bruce Banner is the Hulk more the rage and anger more is the power of these green beast. The Hulk is one the few superheroes that are immortal and mighty powerful. Originally belonging to the Marvel Universe the beast is a major powerhouse, he is so powerful that once he also overpowered his other side i.e Bruce Banner in the 2002 Hulk: The End one-shot. Where Hulk is the only survivor left after a nuclear war breaks out on earth. He is definitely one of the Immortal comic book characters.


Immortal comic book characters

Last, of the Czarnian Lobo, can be resurrected with even a single drop of blood just like how Groot can survive with even a single branch. The character was famous during the 1990s due to his comic books at every store. This bloodthirsty villain is strong enough to take on the likes of Superman and he survived that too. Believe it or not, this badass villain has also worked with Batman and was a part of the Justice League once. This villain is truly immortal let’s hope for his popularity to go along the same way.


Immortal comic book characters

Thanos is the super being titan who is madly in love with the physical embodiment of Death. He’s immortality is rather due to his love and devotion for Death. The character is actually shunned and beared from her realm due to which death is no option.Therefore you superheroes cannot take  him out. The mad superbeing and an overpowerful Titan can’t be simply killed but only can be imprisoned in other dimensions. Thanos is seen in end credits of Avengers(2012) and Guardians of the Galaxy the titan is going to make an all out appearance in Avengers Infinity War.


(Based on the new Deadpool movie)

Immortal comic book characters

 The merc with a mouth is actually the next guy who’s powers are close to POLVERINE as the man said it himself. Wade Wilson is DEADPOOL the guy gets a twisted sense of humour and a super fast healing power after a man named Ajax transforms him into Deadpool. The mercenary is actually an anti-hero who can literally cut himself and keep growing to remember the scene from the movie where he has those tiny fingers. The merc with his new abilities ends up being immortal. Who knows the guy might actually show in the new avenger’s movie.


Immortal comic book characters

The recent death of the character may have been such a sad thing to happen. Do not worry because Marvel universe is not going to just end the Wolverines legacy. This Adamantium beast may have seen some rough times but believe it when we say that the guy cannot die like literally. With a power of super healing and an exoskeleton covered in Adamantium Logan can virtually take on anything that dares to challenge his super abilities. First of all the character may rather get a new face. Hugh Jackman surely setted a high standard for the character. Due to which the new person  new records to be broken.

Hey, guys, thanks for reading this post do you like our list of immortals? let us know in the comments. Do you like origin stories?. Let us know which characters origin story you would like to see. In our post the comment section is open for you. That’s all for today I will see you guys in the next one peace out.

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