Mangas has Always been a life saver whenever we got stuck in a situation where you don’t have internet access to surf web or watch Youtube.There are many amazing mangas like Naruto, one piece which is worth watching besides from that there is also a category called as “dark manga” where the lead of the series is evil.So without wasting time lets dig to the point !!.

The speciality of these kinds of mangas(dark manga) are the lead is dark considering the specifics we have top 3 in the categories finalized for you




  • Death note : “Just the name is enough”. I suggest through not to read it further. The en-thrilling journey of the young boy renguilishing upon its quest to become the new goal of the descending world. He intends to do so by punishing criminals. It leads you to a severity grim character that is made out of pure evil instinct. Watch the story unfold as the world greatest detective is all set to catch the most stunning criminal of the world. The characters leads you into a dark & thrilling abyss that leads you into a dark & thrilling abyss that you can’t miss.


Lelouch Lamperouge.


  • Code geass : just when yours about to think that is earth greatest detective & perhaps the sharpest. Lelouch is enough to prove you wrong. Lelouch the most brilliant character alive on the manga Code geass.Its is a thriller which will give peace to your eyes heaving you stunned & praised for the performance the young boy is about to put up. With just a mask he ‘s up to descend a whole kingdom.To go on to the story it starts with Lelouch lampreush a young Britannia school kid is up on the guest to take a head on war with a kingdom that has 1/3 rd of the world and that’s not it he intend to do it with just a mask hiding behind the evil instinct behind. The dark & grim subject of livelihood catches up your eye at the very first instant rather faring it difficult to view for underages.The level of maturity in the writing is what you ‘ll enjoy the most leaving your senses ticking for another episode. then again it’s a heads for the one’s who aren’t a big fan of the subject buffer off if you aren’t a big of fan of the subject warn you there are still other which can satisfy your will the Violation the subjection & the violence characteristics of the manga  are highlighting the subjects itself upon every corner making it even shine more




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